Spaghetti lighting system

Since centuries, we are watching the sky and the stars questionning ourselves about life out there or just facinating about the beauty of the auroras & polars lights. When we have the chance to see the sky illuminated, we always feel connected with the world. In design, lighting are always something magic. It’s like bringing the object and the whole
space around alive. In the “Blue mosque”, Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, the room of the main dome and the prayer area is famous for its decoration on the walls. But this space is also sublimed by its huge pendant light with hundred of light bulb dispatched in the room. Symbol of the sky in this sacred space, the light is pervasive the prayer and bring a intense atmosphere. We can also found a similar lighting during festivals in some little village in France. Called “Guinguette”, theses village festivals are the occasion the share a common moment. The light string, generally with colored light bulb, is easy to install and participate to the shared joy of the ambience. Between a massive chandelier for a sacred space and a popular light string, the project Spaghetti is lighting system able to be configurate in a large possibilities.

First prototype at YMA shop
21 rue Thiers,
13100 Aix en Provence

images: CLuzel / Pluchon


copyright ©CLuzel / Pluchon