Optica sake glass set for kimoto glass
Part of the Edo tokyo kirari, japan

Our goal by collaborating with Kimoto Glass was to first discover the Japanese culture through sake but mainly through the world of glassware. We wanted to create an everyday object that Japanese people will really use.  Working with clear glass is mainly working with light and reflections between clear glass and sake. The idea behind OPTICA is a study on the thickness and weight of a sake glass set. OPTICA comes from the optical clear glass which is the origin of the project. We can feel this reference into the strong base that looks like a biconcave lens. The whole shape of the item is starting from a thick concave base to a thin and elegant wide edge. This wide-open top is also useful for pouring sake into the carafe but also to drink sake while having a small capacity of glass. The delicacy of its forms is an homage to the finesse of the true purpose of this object, the sake.  Aesthetically, the set has elegant lines and easy understanding to use. As it's a set of glass, you can stack the glass into the carafe for storage. You can also stack the glasses on each other.

images: CLUZEL / PLUCHON & Edo Tokyo Kirari


copyright ©CLUZEL / PLUCHON