artworks collection for frameworks

For each new project, we conduct the first research by exploring materials, shapes, colours, and patterns. The selection of four artworks for Frameworks Gallery is process and experimentation images for the pendant light named DORVAL01. With flat colours, the artworks explore different aspects and feelings of the project.

The first artwork in the series, DORVAL_10, shows the smoothness of a cable detail. DORVAL_11, the second in the series, contemplate the expression of bringing life through lights. DORVAL_12 and DORVAL_13 focus on the abstraction of raw material and assembly of spare parts. 

The series of digital drawings are both fragments of a design process and artworks in their own right.

Dimensions: A3, 50x70cm, 70x100cm
Paper: a 265 gr. fine art paper

images: CLUZEL / PLUCHON x frameworks


copyright ©CLUZEL / PLUCHON