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From our point of view, the ceramic is like a vast galaxy continuously growing. In this metaphor, planetary systems are the base materials: porcelain, sandstone, terracotta, earthenware. By getting closer, we can see planets such as the different qualities of clay, many nebulae that are glazes, and sometime comet as lusterware.

In this huge space, we wanted to explore the worlds of the earthenware. Travel through these production and shaping techniques, browse these surface aspects and study the chemistry that arrive as combining one element with another.

Therefore, we wanted to experiment several aspects of earthenware by using only two pieces in one objects. The first explores cylindrical shape made by potter, the cold cutting and the glazing. The second piece combines other aspects such as the marbling (several coloured earth mix), the shaping of flat block; assembly of blocks and respect of precise quotation. These two elements fit together and take all their senses in complementing each other.

The ECT series is composed of 3 centerpiece models offering different types of food presentations on the table. Each model consists of a container and a T-shaped block embedded in the first one. The marbled block aspects are inspired by outer-space objects and by images of Earth taken from the ISS (International Space Station). It invite the host to a cosmic journey through the colors and resonate with the shiny surface of the containers. The T-shape is also making a link to aeronautic world like vertical stabilizer (T-tail) of an aircraft. The blocks are made of colored faience earth (black, white, red and blue) which are then mixed together and then assembled to form their final shapes.

The bowls are made of black earthenware and then enameled with a first black coating and finally overglazed again with a metallic lusterware. This iridescent effect reassert the ideas of trying to explore this material as much as we can.

images: Head — Geneve, Baptiste Coulon (studio pictures)
CLUZEL / PLUCHON (samples pictures)


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