open breif basket club
+ collaboration with Dedon & Hay

Basketclub was founded in 2020 as an Instagram-based initiative. It plays by a simple set of rules: Each member of a selected, international group of designers and craftsmen weaves a new “basket” every month. A brief in the form of an emoji dictates the monthly theme of the baskets. At the end of the month, photographs of the finished baskets are shared on Instagram. 

So far, the works we have shared cover many approaches: technical, aesthetic, conceptual, playful, political or full of historical references.

Our concept is based on basketry, which is a traditional craft and one of the first expressions of human culture. It is striking that all around the world, humans have been weaving pliable materials into three-dimensional shapes since 10.000 years. Within the framework of Basketclub, possible futures for an ancient craft are speculated upon through modern modes of representation.



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